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to ADD Value ADHD Coaching!

Do you have (or suspect you have) ADD/ADHD*? Are you struggling to manage the life you have?  Does it not feel like the life you want? Then, congratulations! You’ve reached the right place. ADHD coaching is a practical, skilled approach to life’s challenges, whether small or apparently overwhelming, that will help you use wit, ingenuity, insight, originality, creativity and humour to develop unique ways of achieving what you want to achieve - ways that work for you.

Please have a look round here, and get in touch if you’d like to know more. It could be the start of an adventure.

*You can call it whichever you like; they’re both equally inadequate names.  For more, see ‘About ADHD

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ADHD coaching is bespoke professional support that turns painful, even hopeless struggles into measurable practical successes. And it makes the process exciting, exploratory, experimental, playful, funny, and fascinating.
Then it does something more: it transforms life from tension, stress, and a nagging sense that we’re not really coping, into something authentically fulfilling. It opens up opportunities for successes that we may not even have imagined.
Sounds too good to be true? Then please come and give it a try.


Evidence is growing that ADHDers are neurologically different. Not defective. We are not poor copies of normal people: we are different kinds of people. Unfortunately, until now ADHD has been defined by others, and mostly through negative comparisons with “normal”. The rules of life have also been decided by others, and they often don’t suit us - when we can even understand them. Instead of fighting or conforming, we need to create our own rules.



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I’m a late diagnosis ADHDer, on a mission to help people avoid the pitfalls that seemed inevitable in a world before diagnosis and coaching, and to get the once unattainable wins.

Before diagnosis my life was rich, delightful, fascinating. It was also almost lethally frustrating, baffling and depressing, and it was getting worse

ADHD coaching allows me at last to live an authentic and fulfilling life, with daily successes where I used to believe I was doomed to lifelong frustration and failure.


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