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My rates are as follows:


Introductory session of 90 minutes* (where we explore the client's current situation, and what they would like to achieve from coaching overall, as well as making a start on the process): £100.00


One-off 1 hour session* (that is, each session booked one by one): £85.00 


4 weekly sessions (1 hour each)*: £299.00 (= £74.75 per hour, a reduction of 12% to encourage committing to a series of sessions)

  • where acceptable to the client, I encourage them to add a second shorter (15-30 minutes) mid-week check-in session. This can be particularly helpful in the early stages, when clients often seem to benefit from and to appreciate frequent support. This would be invoiced pro rata at £18.50 for 15 minutes (only charging for a full 15 minutes - so for example, 26 minutes would be charged as 15 minutes).

  • in addition, whether or not clients book an extra check-in session between weekly main sessions, I offer two forms of support free of charge: by WhatsApp message, and by phone call.  


WhatsApp: I encourage clients to stay in touch via WhatsApp message, especially to let me know when they're about to face a challenging task, or have just faced one (not to check up on them - there are no failures - but just to find out whether it went well, or whether we need to refine our approach further); I'm not always able to respond instantly, but I do so as soon as I'm able.


Phone: I also make myself available for short (up to 10 minute) chats on the phone if clients want.  

(If this turns into a substantive session for which there would be a charge, I offer the choice of having a fuller conversation then and there, or holding the topic over until our next scheduled meeting.)  


*Please note: given the nature of the work, the nature of my clients, and my own nature, this is not an absolutely strict limit, more of a guideline: I won't end a session after 60 minutes just because time is up, but will carry on until the client is satisfied that we have met their goal for the session.  However, I generally find that it's better to stick approximately to the times indicated, sometimes because maintaining a level of time awareness is important for that client, and sometimes because the work can become exhausting and even overwhelming.

I am always open to discussing other arrangements, whether in terms of session duration, or frequency, or cost. For example, with some clients I have spent 3 hours face to face, supporting them in particular activities (attending job interviews, exams, university open days etc, or working on life tools such as personal accounts, food shopping, cooking, or going to challenging environments).

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