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Evidence is growing that ADHDers are neurologically different. Not defective. We are not poor copies of normal people: we are a different kind of person. Unfortunately, ADHD has been defined by others until now, and mostly in negative terms. The rules of the “game of life” have also been decided by others, and they often don’t suit us - when we can even understand them.

So living with ADHD means learning to deal successfully with life in a neurotypical world. But it should be so much more than that as well. Becoming as happy as we deserve to be and feeling as good about life as we want to is not a matter of becoming a poor copy of a neurotypical person. It’s about learning the skills to create a life that authentically fulfils us as unique individuals. Because society, education, even - bless them - our families can’t offer us templates for living. More than the general population, we have to be self-aware, curious and creative. Fortunately, those are qualities that many ADDers have in abundance.

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