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 ADHD coaching won’t change your life: but with expert help and support from an ADHD coach, you will change your life, even in ways that may seem impossible to you now.

ADHD coaching is bespoke professional support that helps us to turn our present painful, even hopeless struggles into measurable, practical successes. And it makes the process exciting, playful, funny, experimental and fascinating.

Then it does something more: it transforms life from being about just managing and coping (or failing to) into something rich, rewarding, and personally fulfilling, by creating opportunities for successes that we may not even have imagined. If that sounds too good to be true, I can tell you that it is just good enough to be true.

Most ADHD coaches are ADHDers ourselves, and we are living proof that this works.

Some questions that might come up for you (I’ll be posting answers, but we can also discuss in a free introductory call):

  • What use is an ADHD coach?

  • Can't I just buy a book or an app?

  • Isn't coaching too expensive?

  • I have too much to deal with already - I can’t cope with coaching as well!

  • Who wants to spend time every week talking about how to get better at laundry/ homework/ paying parking fines/ being on time/ remembering stuff/ blah blah blah?

  • Is coaching an alternative to medication?

  • Isn't ADHD coaching just jumping on the bandwagon, now that ADHD is fashionable?

  • Coaching sounds kind of well-meaning and fluffy - does it really work?

  • I don’t need yet another person telling me what I should be doing - I just need my brain fixed. Coaching can’t do that, can it?

  • But I’m taking meds - that should take care of it, right?

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